Vintage Archive

“Wear, damage, dirt, repair, corrosion and decay are a large part of the language of authenticity. We give things that look old the benefit of the doubt. Age lends authority to an object… The look of age is also an important component in what we find beautiful”
Grayson Perry

Unearthed from dusty corners of distant places, this is Vintage Archive’s glorious collection of ‘happy finds and hidden treasures.’ These are the tactile, beautiful, and idiosyncratic pieces we were drawn to on our travels. Garden pots and tin toys. Posters, cupboards and metal lamps. Objects instilled with the charm and depth of character that turns mere furniture into statement pieces, antiques into curios, and decorative items into works of art.

This extraordinary collection of the antique, modern, foreign and bazaar - or a witty blend of all, is now available and only a click away.

Collection One

Wooden Planter
Almirah with glazed doors
Wooden cabinet with mirror in the doors
Large Recycled Wooden Chest of Drawers
Up-cycled Wooden Kitchen Island Unit
Candle Stand – Wooden, Pillar Base
vintage wooden school abacus
Antique Horse Torso
Bench – Painted Timber Slats, Metal Frame
Genuine Retro Coke Cooler
Antique Painted Wooden Cupboard
Upcycled cupboard
Candle Stand – Carved Wooden, Pillar Base,
Vintage Cinema Seats x 3
Metal Giraffe Sculpture
Hand Carved Mexican Wooden Skeletons
Candle Stand – Wooden, Pillar Base
Antique Carved Wooden Side Table
Metal Locker
Shelf with Coat Pegs – Wooden
Up-cycled Kitchen Side Board
Vintage Cinema Seats x 4
Oil Pots – Wooden
19th Century Antique Dowry Chest
Vintage Wooden Trunk
Table - Small, wood, two drawers, dark stain
1950's Steelson Toy Tricycle
19th Century Tibetan Monastery  Chest
Chest Of Drawers – 6 Drawers
Tin birds
Tribal Coffee Table
Shoe Moulds – a pair of wooden shoe moulds
Antique Wooden Elephant
Wooden Festival Peacock From India
Original Gold Spot Cool Box
Lion Head – Wooden, on Metal Stand
Vintage Soft Porn Film Poster
Vintage Metal Folding Chair
Grain Storage Bin
Vintage Anatomy Skeleton Poster
Candle Stand – Wooden, Pillar Base
Original Vintage Cola Tin Signs
Print Blocks - Wooden
Bird Feeder or Bird Bath
Wooden Cabinet with 2 x fielded panel doors
Whale Ships Oil Lantern
Hand Painted Metal Waterpot
Wooden Chest of 3 Drawers on Metal Wheels
Rustic Wooden Pot
Victorian Copper Planter
Candle Stand – Wooden, Pillar Base
Carved Wooden Bird
Re-cycled teak kitchen cupboard
Chest of Drawers - Wooden lime wash 4 drawers
Wooden Factory Glove Mold
Carved Indian Temple God
Shelf Capital – Wooden, Half Pillar, Wall Shelf
Recycled Drum Planters
Shelf Capital – Wooden, Half Pillar, Wall Shelf
Very Large Copper Planter
Tin Toy Bi-plane Aeroplane
Planter – Metal, Round
Indian Carved Deity
Industrial Pendant Lights
Almirah with Reeded Door Panels
Vintage Carved Deity
Tiger – Wooden, Painted
Old Carved Wooden Head
Victorian Ornamental Bird Cage
Tin bbrd- Painted Metal
Candle Chandelier
Small Kadai Firebowl
Vintage Snow Shoes
Antique storage box
Antique Wooden Puppet
Travel Hat Case
Alphabet Chest (yellow)
Stool - polished metal, adjustable height
Castellated Torchieres Candlesticks
Wooden Recycled Cupboard
Antique Dowry Chest
Bookshelf Unit – Wooden, Dark Stain
Vintage Jewellery Boxes
Carnival Horse -  pair, wooden, painted
Low table - ideal as a coffee table
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